Jeff Madsen Among Chip Leaders at Borgata Winter Poker Open Final Table

Sloooooooow poker news week in general. But a decent final table at the Borgata Winter Poker Open deserves a mention.

Among the final table-ists is 9/11 conspiracist/rapper Jeff Madsen, who is fourth in chips stacked at 3,185,000. In related news, we caught a great special on the National Geographic channel debunking 9/11 conspiracy theories the other day. Above is one clip from said special. In related related news, here’s a video of a white guy who can rap.

Leading the final table is the awesomely named (and Pokerati fave) Sirous Jamshidi with 4,750,000. Also still alive is Matt Matros with 1,195,000.

Get full final table chip counts here.


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  1. Brian G.

    February 5, 2010 10:10 am, Reply

    I don’t take Madsen’s thoughts on 9/11 seriously because poker is full of idiots who act like they know everything about life and politics, yet are some of the stupidest people I ever met. While I was playing a satellite at the WSOP last year, I sat there and listen to a guy explain to table how the laws against internet poker were a violation of our Constitutional rights. He had no idea I was a lawyer and I just laughed at his idiocy. That law is bad policy and should be repealed, but it is certainly constitutional.

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