Jeff Madsen is a Renaissance Man

MadsenApparently, Jeff “Prairie Dog” Madsen isn’t just a poker player, cigarette smoker, expert Guitar Hero-er and reality show chick banger. He’s also an art connoisseur and interior decorator, of sorts. reported today that the two-time WSOP bracelet winner is “involved” in an effort to update the Bellagio Poker Room with some art.

Explains Jeff on his MySpace blog:

“Me and my artist friend Jen Ashton came up with a plan to renovate the look of the Bellagio poker room. The artwork in there seems outdated and the place could certainly use a new feel. Soo, because she is so good at portraits and is involved in the poker world we came up with a plan to be able to donate artwork to the poker room. The first step is to form a ‘committee’ of some sort, basically anyone who is willing to donate money to this cause will have a say in what portraits Jen will actually paint. Once we get enough in donations for her to paint, she will work on a portrait of whichever figure in poker the committee has voted on. I feel like this is a great way to do this because the Bellagio poker room will eventually have a better look and the art will be ‘by the players, for the players.’ We will certainly do Chip Reese as a first portrait once we get this rolling. I will give an update when the project is officially in motion, but I just wanted to present it so we can start getting some attention behind it. Let’s fill the Bellagio with poker legends!”

To dumb this down, Jeff has a friend, Jen Ashton, who is an artist (with some sweet tats), and he wants people to donate money that will go to Jen so that she can paint portraits of poker players that will (or may?) be put up in the Bellagio Poker Room because that’s what we all want to see in a poker room. Paintings of poker players.

Somehow we missed the part where he explains why the Bellagio just doesn’t pay Jen to paint the portraits. We’re lazy readers so maybe he said that above.

Anyway, we may give money so we can join this “committee” because we’re known to be pretty good judges of fine art. Like the one time we were asked to judge an art competition of 18th century neo-classic paintings. Except it wasn’t so much an art competition of 18th century neo-classic paintings as it was an amateur strip contest. But regardless, the point is, drunk college girls can work a pole like champs when there’s a $100 bar tab on the line. Or maybe that wasn’t the point, but it’s true.

Check out Jen Ashton’s artwork here. The image above is an original painting she did of Jeff Madsen. She’s also done poker players Noah Boeken and Theo Tran, but unlucky for you they’re sold.


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