Jeffrey Pollack, Pokerati’s Waiting for Your Call

WsopIn a threat on par with getting a slap on the wrist by Crispin Leyser or perhaps having a Clay Aiken song dedicated to you, not that were suggesting anything here, WSOP man-in-charge Jeffrey Pollack said during a telephone press conference call today with media outlets, and some clueless rep from, that if anyone reported that this year’s WSOP field would be capped at 10,000 players or that the WSOP anticipates 10,000 players he would personally call them to demand a retraction and make them buy him lunch, and perhaps dinner and a movie and a stroll on the beach, if the vibe was there.

Header8aAs expected, one of the outlets on the line,, immediately went with the headline: “Jeff Pollack says: We predict 10,000 players for the main event; and we‚Äôre capping entries at 10,001!” Which was followed by Pokerati’s grand poobah listing his phone number, allegedly, although when we called it we got someone who said, “Thanks for calling the Lodge.”

Anyway, nothing too interesting to report on from the call, at least interesting from our point of view (Kem cards, Hersheys, et al), except that the World Series of Poker is focusing its efforts this year on enforcing its trademark, which we surmise is why you see poker sites only using “WSOP” and not “World Series of Poker” or the WSOP’s logo for their satellite promotional language, as in year’s past. According to Pollack, any qualifier who earns a seat through a site infringing on the WSOP’s trademark will be asked to remove their gear and play naked.

They may have also said that all events will start with twice as many chips and a different blind schedule but a Spyro Grya song was playing in the office at the time, and well, you know how distracting smooth jazz can be.

BlufflogoWhat wasn’t talked about, unless it was after we feel asleep, was Bluff Magazine‘s new role as the official digital media provider for the World Series of Poker, which we mentioned about 3 weeks ago, although we suppose that got lost in translation due to the mesmerizing eyes of Lorenzo Lamas/Chad Brown and plethora of Keeley Hazell links in that post. In the spirit of full disclosure, we have a one page column that appears in Bluff Magazine every month so by association and in some twisted way we’re a part of the deal.

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2 Responses

  1. SteelieZ71

    March 14, 2007 2:23 pm, Reply

    God – please let Shannon Elizabeth show up to a WSOP event wearing gear from a site that infringes on the WSOP logo.
    I’m starting to like this Jeffrey Pollack character. Demanding that people who misreport things buy him chow and telling players they have to play naked. That guy’s got style!

  2. snake

    March 14, 2007 2:29 pm, Reply

    we should probably clarify that “play naked” weren’t so much his words as they weren’t ..a lil poetic license there, like the dinner and movie bit… but the guy does have style, to say the least.

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