Jeffrey Pollack WSOP Vlog: A Change Is Coming

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In our second to last WSOP Vlog with Jeffrey Pollack, he discusses changes coming to the WSOP next year to avoid another Day 1D and what it would mean for poker if Leo Margets made the November NineTM.

UPDATE: Oh yeah, that is Lacey Jones and crew walking backwards at 5 mins and no, we didn’t know they were going to do that.


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  1. Viticus

    July 15, 2009 9:47 am, Reply

    haha, its amazing how pollack can keep moving forward while the rest of the poker world is taking a step backward.

    (around 5min. mark)

  2. pokerfan

    July 15, 2009 11:57 am, Reply

    That was Lacey Jones walking backwards, must have been getting instructions from the cameraman for her WSOP interviews.

  3. Nik Faldo

    July 15, 2009 2:27 pm, Reply

    Diversity? Diversity?? Diversity??? I want to know how he is going to market poker and the WSOP for 2010….and he is talking about diversity?
    What we talkin’ about? Diversity?
    When the cards are fairly shuffled and everyone plays the hand to the best of their ability and card probability is equal for everyone…this idiot is talking about diversity??
    Diversity? The last pure oasis of capitalism left in the United States (how liberals play poker would be a mystery in itself if they were not such hypocrits) and this moron is talking about diversity as the savior of poker?
    Get the government off of the private games, the charity games, the internet games – and lower taxes on the legal poker rooms and you will see a brand new poker boom to dwarf the last one.
    Diversity? The man is running the biggest tournament in the world and he is a liberal useful idiot.

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