Jenna Jameson Dancing at the CatHouse for Tito’s Birthday Video Makes for a Good Post

Retired porn star Jenna Jameson popped out of a birthday cake and did a striptease-esque dance for her boyfriend Tito Ortiz at the CatHouse in Las Vegas this weekend.

Ironically, Jenna kept her clothes on the whole time. Disappointingly, she didn’t have a 4-way, strap-on love fest with the CatHouse chicks dancing with her. Desperately, she needs to eat a sandwich and get back to her porn star weight. Relatedly,’s very own Andrea Tiede is the hot girl in lingerie on the CatHouse billboards you see all around Vegas right now. Thankfully, Andrea never disappoints.

Video of Jenna Jameson doing sexy dance for Tito Ortiz at Cathouse in Las Vegas


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