Jennifer Tilly To Teach Lisa Simpson Poker

Jennifer Tilly is going to try and help Lisa Simpson win her own WSOP bracelet.

This is a good one to cap off “poker in pop culture week.”

Jennifer Tilly and her spectacular breasts will appear on an episode of next season’s The Simpsons. From

The actress and poker expert will make a cameo appearance in an episode as herself, popping up in an instructional DVD that Lisa watches to brush up on her card skills. (It turns out that Homer doesn’t trust banks and has stashed Lisa’s college fund in an online poker site.)

For those of us with money still stuck on Full Tilt–this one resonates a little close to home.

Tilly was married from 1984-1991 to Simpsons’ co-created and renown Hollywood home gamer Sam Simon.

Read more about Tilly on The Simpsons here.


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  1. wilson

    March 19, 2012 8:11 am, Reply

    I’d take JT more seriously if she didnt show off her tits every time she’s on TV. She reminds me of the role Megan Soule played on Hitting The Nuts. An over the hill sad story who uses her jugs to gain an advantage.

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