Jenny Woo’s Wild Night with George Clooney’s New Girlfriend

amber nichol not sarah with jenny is reporting that our favorite bisexual online reporter and esteemed sex educator Jenny Woo got it on with George Clooney‘s new lady friend Sarah Larson while the two were attending a Casino Affiliate Convention in Amsterdam two years ago. Apparently, Larson was an exhibit booth model at the time.

According to the reputable online gambling news site, Woo (or as we like to type her name around the WCP compound, “W( . )( . )”) and Larson “exchanged tongue tributes while admiring one another’s knockers” and “[r]omped in a seedy Amsterdam dive bar, then disappeared into the night.”

Also among the possible beneficiaries of Larson’s morally casual attitude at the time was online gambling publisher and editor Michael Caselli. A photo of the two from a few years ago appeared recently in the The Sun newspaper, which also had the following to say:

“It seems that back in the day (Larson) was so desperate for fame no pose was considered too tacky.

“Whether it was posing with another girl in a suggestive way or promoting a radio station in a bikini with the logo printed on her backside, Sarah was up for it.”

And we love her for it, because promo/booth babes are second only to former pageant chicks when it comes to girls we respect, if that in any way means want to see make out with other girls in public.

Photos of Larson from her promo girl days with Caselli, other girls, etc. after the jump. She’s the brunette on the left in all the pics.



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  1. Tommy

    October 4, 2007 3:32 pm, Reply

    These two girls are so hot I would love to have both of them for a night you guys are so lucky to know Jenny she seems so down to earth and a whild hore type

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