Jerry Yang Movie Title Winner: A Mirrion to One

A deeply religious, ridiculously nice and philanthropic guy wins $8M in the biggest poker tournament of the year, when many pros considered him the worst player in the entire field? Even Hollywood couldn't make that up.

After a week of intense voting, we have our Jerry Yang movie title results.

  • A Mirrion to One: 46%
  • No Yahoo: 4%
  • Flop, Turn, Jesus: 22%
  • Without a Shadow of a Doubt: 2%
  • A Chip and a Prayer: 26%
There you go, Jerry Yang, A Mirrion to One. Let’s hope it gets done.
Biggest surprise in the results is that the Shadow title came in last. Jerry Yang’s The Shadow nickname is one of our all-time favorites in the industry.
Watch The Shadow in action here.

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  1. kosh

    March 2, 2012 7:28 pm, Reply

    “A Mirrion to One” has no chance to make it in today’s politically correct times because it appears to disparage people who speak Engrish.

    Anyone with half a brain knows “A Chip and a Prayer” is it.

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