Jessica Biel is a Poker Player

The salubriously hot and fit Jessicabielivypoker1Jessica Biel, who word has it will drop the top in her upcoming film Powder Blue much to the delight of FOWCP Kid Dynamite, was at the opening party for the new Ivy hotel in San Diego on Friday and sat down to play a few hands of poker in a “charity” tournament held in conjunction with the soiree.

There’s really nothing much more interesting to say here.

Uh . . .

Did you hear that is all but shutting down?

Howabout that Asian Pacific Poker Tour event in Manila? Crazy.

Oh yeh, so if the video of Miss South Carolina at the Miss Teen USA pageant doesn’t represent all that is great and wonderful about today’s youth in America, especially the ones who are 18-year-old, hot blondes in beauty pageants, then we don’t know what does…well, other than pics of Katie Rees when she was an 18-year-old, hot blonde beauty pageant chick of course.



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