Jill Rockcastle Admits to Killing Bill Gustafik, Throws Him Under the Bus in 10-Page Letter

We suppose we don’t need to use “alleged” murderer anymore when referencing Jill Rockcastle.

Gustafik2_2In a shocking, to say the least, 10 page letter (link below) emailed to friends and family and written sometime before she attempted to kill herself in California this week, Rockcastle admits to stabbing her husband, Bill Gustafik, to death in their Las Vegas condo last Friday night after a series of arguments involving, among other things, buy-ins into Vegas poker tournaments, including the Bellagio 5-Star World Poker Classic and the WPT World Championship.

But that is by far the least interesting thing she has to say in her lengthy account of Gustafik, their life together and the moments leading up to his death. Rockcastle presents a sordid tale (and completely unsubstantiated accounts) of drug abuse, gambling addiction, a custody dispute and corruption (and much worse); all which hints at the potential beginnings of a Sandy Murphy-like media circus when Rockcastle is brought back to Vegas on murder charges.

While this kind of story is right up the alley for any James McManus wannabes, or James McManus himself, we’re thinking of leaving this story alone (or at least significant commentary on it) for principled reasons including, but not withstanding: (a) It doesn’t involve Keeley Hazell, and the 49-year-old Jill Rockcastle isn’t even Sandy Murphy-like doable; (b) We have a longstanding policy that we just came up with a minute ago about not perpetuating perceived negative societal stereotypes of poker players even if her account and the likely media maelstorm makes it inevitable; (c) we don’t have time for this kind of crap and (d) there’s no fun in talking about someone who was killed by his wife.

Of course, this is all subject to change on a whim.

LINK TO JILL ROCKCASTLE’S 10-PAGE LETTER (on another website because we don’t want her wacko beans spilled on our site and think anyone who copies and pastes it onto their site, other than InsideBayArea.com who first published it, is a jackass for some reason or another)


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