Joanna Krupa Disappoints

Joannakrupawcp2In what may be the greatest disappointment of the 2007 WSOP so far, besides the soggy hot wings from the poker kitchen one of us just ate, the unequivocally hot Joanna Krupa, the Magic Johnson of the look from behind model pose, failed to show up to play in the Main Event despite claims by us that she would be here playing for

Perhaps it was just wishful thinking on our part that Joanna Krupa was going to be here like she was last year, although even Joanna’s own site mentions her planned appearance as did this press release.

But nope. No Joanna.

So out of vengeful spite we’re going to post some absurdly hot photos of Joanna Krupa doing her best look from behind pose as well as other Hall of Fame-worthy poses she pulls off like a champ.

Take that Joanna.



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