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Watch Maxim Cover Model Joanna Krupa: Michael Vick Doesnt Deserve a Second Chance on

All of our WCP-reading faithful are very familiar with Joanna Krupa. She played in the 2006 WSOP Main Event (view the photo dump here, which is still our most viewed page of all time) and was our first official WCP Girl of the Year (a title which has since moved on to Keeley Hazell and Vikki Blows). Point is, we’ve been Krupa fans since most of you were in diapers. Whatever.

Krupa was in Las Vegas last night to celebrate her Maxim Magazine cover. As we posted during this year’s WSOP, Krupa, who also participated on ABC’s The Superstars!, has a dirty, dirty mouth. So it was great to see her rip Terrell Owens a new asshole, as he absolutely sucks in every imaginable way.

Well, in the above interview, she lays into T.O. again, as well as Michael Vick.

And she says she’d pose nude for PETA again if asked.

The below pics are from the first time she posed nude for PETA. They may be the most confounding pictures of all-time in the history of human history. On one hand, fuck PETA. Most of their followers are absolutely nuts and take what on the surface is a great cause and ruin it by acting like extremist morons. On the other hand, it’s Joanna Krupa naked. Our penises haven’t been this confused on what to think since that story in Amsterdam in the spring of 2002 that we promised to never repeat again.

What story in the spring of 2002 in Amsterdam?


Photos of Krupa in Maxim coming later…

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  1. Pics

    August 4, 2009 12:52 pm, Reply

    Can you guys do something with the other pics on the site? What I mean is when you click a link, you gotta scroll down, even when clicking the Next feature. The way the pics of Joanna display, all together in a long list is perfect for viewing. Thanks.

  2. Haig

    August 16, 2009 1:54 pm, Reply

    You guys have the funniest site anywhere on the web. I check my Google reader daily to look for new posts.

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