Joanna Krupa to Play Main Event Thanks to Tony G

We just got the inside word that TonyGPoker has signed the flagrantly sexy Joanna Krupa as its official spokesmodel and will be sending her to play in this year’s Main Event at the 2007 World Series of Poker.


Krupa, who was our OWCPG of 2006 until we discovered Keeley Hazell, was a major attraction at last year’s WSOP Main Event, where she rep’d Titan Poker and gave each of the nine guys at her table more than their $10,000 worth as she lasted past Day 1. Her official website has been teasing her return to the WSOP for some time now, saying “it looks like you will see her and her poker face again at the WSOP this year.” And now, straight from the man himself, Tony G, it has been confirmed she’ll be back.

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