Joanna Krupa’s “Go Naked” Posters Make for a Good Post

Joannakrupa_gonaked_1_1When we got in from our Donkey Basketball pick-up game the other night we got an email from a reader (“hendu213″) who shared two things with us: (1) Stupendously hot pics of Joanna Krupa posing in the buff for her “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” PETA campaign, and (2) That he went to Paramus High School, in Paramus, NJ with Jamie G. and that the WSOP champ-colluder played varsity tennis in high school and we quote, “was as much of a prick then as he is now.”

By the way, if you missed the most recent Jamie Gold podcast interview, it’s “[A] must-hear thriller” . . . “Rivetingly painful, yet delightfully absurd, the Jamie Gold podcast is a one-man show of self-love that would make Narcissus blush,” says Wicked Chops Poker. Listen to it here. Jamie gets going about a finger width in. And doesn’t stop.

Or skip listening to Jamie G. talking endlessly about how great he is and get to the visual confirmation of the stupendousness that is Joanna Krupa, after the jump. “They’re stupendous,” says Wicked Chops Poker.



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