Joe Biden’s Son Resigns as Lobbyist for Party Gaming Founder Russ DeLeon

Interesting flash from Poker News today on Democratic VEEP nominee Joe Biden‘s son, Hunter Biden:

The son of Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden has announced that he’s leaving the lobbying business, as of now. Hunter Biden, the son of the Delaware senator, was a registered lobbyist for nine firms; six of the nine were universities, according to a Wall Street Journal report, but among the others was a deal of interest to online poker. Biden’s firm, Oldaker, Biden and Belair, was a registered lobbyist for Russ DeLeon, one of the primary founders of PartyGaming (the parent of PartyPoker). Biden signed on in June to represent DeLeon’s (and presumably Party’s) interests in Congress, and collected $50,000 for his work prior to June 30. Later figures have not yet been released.

Wonder if Hunter ever got to meet A. Dikshit or two while we worked for DeLeon?

Most would agree that a Dem election wouldn’t hurt the chances for an online poker carve-out as much as a McCain-VPILF victory, and this would go to prove that unsubstantiated hypothesis one step further. Read more about Hunter resigning here.

In related news, last week U.S. American Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) introduced the "Payment Systems Protection Act of 2008." The Act:

"…will attempt to prohibit the two US federal agencies responsible for implementing the UIGEA (the Department of the Treasury and the Financial Reserve Board), from extending the UIGEA’s reach beyond those areas specifically outlawed under previous federal code, such as sports wagering.

Frank’s HR 6870 also calls for the suspension of current UIGEA code until an administrative law judge (to be appointed if the law were to pass) works with the Treasury and Federal Reserve to develop and implement workable regulations."

Read more here. In unrelated news, for a hot girl eating a red, white, and blue firecracker ice pop, go here.


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