Joe Cada Should Go Back to College

Pictured above, what Joe Cada thinks about us thinking he should go back to community college.

Pictured above, what Joe Cada thinks about us thinking he should go back to community college.

Let’s start by saying this: we like Joe Cada. He seems like a good and modest kid, embraces the responsibilities of being poker’s ambassador for the next year, has a hot girlfriend, etc.

Soooo with that out of the way…Cada took to the 2+2 forum to defend his 2009 WSOP Main Event final table play, where the haters have come out calling him the ultimate luckbox for the past week.

Writes Cada:

“Lets first by saying if anyone thinks I’m denying I got lucky at the final table then im not. 2nd poker is very situational basis depending what has been going on, images , stack sizes , fold equity, hand ranges, etc so for people to make assumptions by seeing 2 hours of footage cut from 17hours is pretty irreasonable. On that note since its 4:15am im just going to copy and paste what I wrote from last post.

For all those people who I agree what I said thank you and for the others than thats fine to everyone is subject to there opinion. Did I get extremely lucky during the final table of the main event? Yes I did, but as an extreme critic to my self play I was not mad about how I played any hand even though I got lucky.”

It goes on more but our eyes had exploded by that point. Now we’re further away from our educational days than we care to admit, but if the above is a demonstration of how smart people write these days, then fuck us all. Checkmate, China.

View the full thread here. More on Cada dropping out of community college here. And if you haven’t been watching it, see why Cada dropped out of community college by watching Community here.


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  1. Jay G

    November 17, 2009 12:10 pm, Reply

    Yikes. Our new WC is pretty much functionally illiterate. I guess it’s a good thing that he’s made so much money at the tables. Not going to be a lot of opportunity for him in the professional world.

    But I don’t know, maybe I’m being irreasonable.

  2. Gramer Polic

    November 17, 2009 1:11 pm, Reply

    Wow, dats gots to bead da worsht sintences ebar righted on 7+9 postering bards. Jeepiles, I knowed the pimpley tinagers on 4+5 postering bards mustard bashed himd a baunch liked ewe guides did jurst now. Beatcha fill reel gud bout it twoed. Wicked Pork Chops youse guides iz awsum!

  3. Gramer Polic

    November 17, 2009 7:44 pm, Reply

    Id guests youse deered me. Hear youse goed:

    Lettuce fart byte speeking dis: Weez likey Joe Cada. He seemd lick a gud n moredust kidd, huggin da reasponses of bean porker’s bassadoor fur da nex dear, hast a hot gurlfind, etc.

    Sue, wif dat outa da way…Cada tookd two da 7+9 postering bards two typey bout hiz 2009 WSOP Maine Ebent last tablet plate, where da pimpley tinager hatters hab comed out calding himd da ulteemate luckybox four da paste weak.

    Wrotes Cada:

    “gibberish, followed by gibberish, followed by even more gibberish.”

    It ghost an and an butt are ice hab x-ploded byte dat point. Nower, weeir furder way fromb are eggucational daze then we’d car to add up, butt if da bove iz a deamonstraightion of howd smert people wrote thiese daze, den weeze fucked. Cheakmeat, Cheena.

    Views da fill threed hear. Mored bout Cada dripping outs da camunity collage here. Andy if youd habbent bean wattchin it, sea why Cada dripped outs da camunity collage buy wattchin Camunity hear.

    Wicked Pork Chops iz awsum!

  4. Da Man

    November 22, 2009 6:12 pm, Reply

    Forgetabout college he’s got too much money to justify doing that now. But he did drop out from high school, right? We need confirmation that retard illiterates are not graduating with HS diplomas.

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