Joe Pelton is Clearly Out to Prove Us Wrong

JoepeltonHere’s one thing we’ve learned recently not involving crystal meth and state lotto addictions: don’t throw snarky faux-insults Joe Pelton’s way.

We’ve called Pelton a "non-legend" and an individual about as imposing as Mr. Rogers. All in good humor, of course. What is now clear to us though is Pelton feeds off our semi-slanderous slaggings, harnessing our sort of bashings into some sort of motivational "me against the world" mentality that he unleashes on poker pros everywhere. You see, Pelton, who won the WPT Legends of Poker back in August, is now "in position" to capture his second WPT since, errr, August.

Pelton takes the chip lead to the WPT final table, stacked at 2,923,000. The rest of the final table includes: David Baker (1,652,000), Andreas Walnum (1,374,000), Chris Loveland (1,059,000), Steve Wong (886,000), Can Kim Hua (765,000).


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