Joe Reitman Does A Mean Beat It

Ever since we decided that in principle we were generally against the fondling young boys [allegedly], we kind of wrote off Michael Jackson. However, as we said yesterday, we’ll still dance the fuck out of “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough,” “Wanna Be Startin’ Something,” and really anything from Off the Wall. Who cares if you’re touching a 10 year-old’s pee-pee if you can create a killer beat, right? Pretty much means Dr. Dre could have a harem of underagers in his basement and we’d be like, “Ok fine, but you remember bobbing your head to ‘Tha Next Episode?’ That track was the bomb, dawg! [best Nate Dogg impersonation] Smoke weed everyday.”

Anyway, yeah, it’s almost impossible not to start grooving to an old Michael Jackson track, just like Joe Reitman (very skillyfully) did a few nights ago at Howard Lederer‘s BBQ at the Golden Nugget. That white boy has moves.

Joe Reitman on Michael Jackson’s Passing
Sarah Silverman, Nelly, and Jennifer Tilly on Michael Jackson


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