Joe Sebok Chipleader at LAPC, Gavin Smith One Step Closer to Getting “J.S.” Tatt’d on His Backside

SebokThree levels into Day One at the LA Poker Classic and Joe Sebok (at right) is the chipleader with 84k while Gavin Smith is at 20k, according to the fine folks at, who are all over the the LAPC like Keeley Hazell schlobbing on her ex-boyfriend’s butuh (for our Singaporean readers), but not as messy and much more professional.

If you missed our last post, Sebok and Smith have a last longer prop bet that is being filmed for their series “Prop Bets” (aka “The Stupid Show”). The loser has to get the other’s initials tattooed on their culo (for our Spanish readers), which of course will be filmed and aired on

Those who are already out early on Day 1 at the LAPC but who thankfully don’t have to get “J.S.” or “G.S.” inked on their derriere (for our French readers) are Jamie Gold, Justin Bonomo, Mark Seif, Joe Hachem, Vanessa Rousso, Daniel Negreanu, Evelyn Ng, Gus Hansen, Amir Vahedia, Amnon Filippi, Huck Seed and Clonie Gowen.

For up-to-the-minute coverage of the LAPC, including video interviews and chip counts for Sebok, Smith and others, head over to’s live coverage of the LAPC.

To see Tiffany “Hot Chips” Michelle’s interview with Crispin “Don’t Call Me Bruce” Leyser, in which he chats about Jamie “The Colluder” Gold go here.

Get the dish on the team covering the LAPC for over at Tao of Poker.

For a photo of Chad Brown/Lorenzo Lamas at the LAPC go here.


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