Joe Sebok Does Not Make WPT TV Final Table; WPT Confirms That David “The Dragon” Pham* Is Not a Real Dragon

Earlier in the week, we noted the underrated good work of WPT tournament reporter Kimberly Lansing. And kind of like Flight of the Conchords or Keely Hazell wearing short shorts, the more we watch, the more we like.

Right before the WPT Legends of Poker final table went from 9 to 6, Lansing confirmed something we’ve been reporting for years but has somehow gone unnoticed by the so-called "mainstream" poker media: that David "The Dragon" Pham** is not a real dragon. Watch that video below. Pham however is at the TV final table, making it in as the short-stack.

Not joining him is Joe Sebok, who finished 7th in a WPT main event for the second time in 2007. Peter "Nordberg" Feldman finished 13th.

The chip leader going into final is that damn Tom Schneider guy, who also captured 2007 WSOP POY honors. Schneider is stacked at 3,495,000. In second is Dan Harrington with 2,230,000. Thu Nguyen (1,475,000), Shi Jia Lu (have fun with that name Mike Sexton — 1,305,000), Mike McClain (725,000), and the aforementioned Pham (475,000) round out the final table.

Get live final table updates here and chip counts here.

* Not a real dragon.
**Not a real dragon.


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  1. richie

    August 30, 2007 11:01 am, Reply

    yeah, she seems cool, huh? anyone who has a dry enough sense of humour to take a crack at the dragon is good with me. and the fact that she’s hot to boot, is just a bonus.

  2. fan

    August 30, 2007 11:45 am, Reply

    Wait! Does her Dragon comment mean she reads Wicked Chops or is she eerily on the same wavelength as you guys. Either way, that’s scary.

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