Joe Stapleton Has Had 18 #3 Spray Tans and Has Never Looked Better

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Sometimes a drastic change in your look pays huge dividends in your self-confidence and ability to score girls.

When the Entities first met, we were trading stories about growing up, and the one common thread we found we had was that as we all naturally grew taller and as our faces and hair naturally grew up and matured, girls just naturally kind of dug that drastic change that occurred from youth to adulthood. We talked about how we drastically looked different from age 3 to like age 18, and those drastic changes that we didn’t stand in the way of because it was just in our DNA and happened naturally, paid huge dividends in our ability to score with girls. The similarities in our stories were uncanny.

Apparently Joe Stapleton has a similar mindset to the Entities then, as he embraced drastic changes in his appearance recently and it’s paying obvious dividends to his general self-confidence and ability to land the ladies.

In the above vid, you can see the results for yourself. His prop bet with Joe Sebok and Gavin Smith is now over. He took 18 #3 spray tans over 8 days and looks pretty fabulous. And he blends in with dark wood double doors now too.


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