John Juanda Goes For Fictitious “Triple Crown” at EPT London Final Table (Sort Of)

John Juanda is goes for poker's elusive Triple Crown...some day...

Somewhere along the way, someone in the so-called poker “media” decided that winning a WSOP bracelet, WPT title, and EPT crown signified a “triple crown” of sorts. Gavin Griffin was the first to accomplish this feat in 2008. Then Roland de Wolfe did it last year after taking his first WSOP event.

John Juanda is now in position* to match these legends of the game**, as he finds himself second in chips going into the EPT London Main Event final table.

Juanda is stacked at 7,075,000, just slightly behind overall leader Kyle Bowker (7,165,000). From there, it drops off to David Vamplew with 3,670,000.

Tom Marchese is fifth overall with 1,480,000 and Per Ummer (do you really care?) is among the short-stacks with 1,2450,000.

Follow Juanda’s gripping pursuit of the Triple CrownTM starting around noon London time here.

In related news, Juanda has never won a WPT title, so the whole Triple Crown point is moot anyway. This would actually only be the second leg of it for him. But he’s capable of winning a WPT title at anytime, so file this post in your memory banks if and when that day presents itself.

*He’s not.

* *Ok, Griffin and de Wolfe aren’t exactly legends. Let’s not get carried away. In fact, the fact that they are the only two Triple CrownTM winners kind of devalues the significance of the Triple CrownTM in general. Having said that, Griffin and de Wolfe are great players and their victories are absolutely nothing to shit on or not appreciate.


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  1. maxpayne

    October 3, 2010 11:11 pm, Reply

    JJ never won a WPT…so for the ‘Triple Crown’ we will have to wait!
    Wrong info by @BenjoDiMeo on Twitter, isn’t it?

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