John Stossel on O’Reilly Factor Discussing Online Gaming Legalization

We never particularly liked John Stossel. And we’ll just put it out there: it’s because of the mustache. Hard to trust a guy with a mustache like that. Similar to how we’d never trust a ginger. Hard to trust someone with red hair, freckles, and no soul.

However, much like how guys like Jon Turner and Lance Bradley occassionally do things to flip our opinion of red heads, Stossel is turning us around on dudes who rock big mustaches for 20 years.

Stossel recently appeared on the O’Reilly Factor to defend online gaming/poker legalization. If nothing else, good to see yet another major media outlet, especially a conservative one, having some relatively intelligent debate on the topic. Thanks to Pokerati for the find.

In less intelligent news, there’s this.


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  1. Gary

    May 16, 2010 5:01 pm, Reply

    I hope a ginger with a large mustache steals your wives away, gets them addicted to Meth and pimps them out…, and another one becomes your gay lover. :-)

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