Jose Canseco Plays Poker Like a Girl*

JcladiespokerFormer slugger, Madonna banger, steroid abuser, wife beater, whistle blower, Surreal Life cross-dresser, and distinguished baseball author and historian Jose Canseco, along with five other men, played in the Ladies Event at the California State Poker Championship over the weekend.

The six took advantage of the Commerce Casino’s “no discrimination” policy that allows men to play in ladies-only events, which is not to be confused with the WSOP’s “no discrimination” policy that allows women who look like men to play in its ladies-only event.

According to Kristin over at PokerPadz, who snapped the photo to the right, Canseco was the first man to bust out of the event, a feat which we think surpasses Carlos Martinez’s fly ball turned home run off Canseco’s head in the embarassment department.

A guy named Gerald Foreman did finish second in the Ladies Event, which when you put it into perspective is about as much of an accomplishment as a woman finishing second in a men’s-only “cleaning the house and cooking dinner” competition.

* A girl who isn’t Annette Obrestad.


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