Josh Arieh on Atlanta Poker Busts: “So Ridiculous. They Blow It Out of Proportion”

Joannakwsop20Atlanta’s Josh Arieh chatted it up with Phil Gordon on ESPN’s The Poker Edge podcast yesterday and among the topics were the recent poker busts in his hometown. Arieh has played with some of the guys nabbed in the first raid and said that the reports have been blown out of proportion and that the game was a $1,000 max buy-in $5-10 NL game and not a $10k buy-in high stakes game. He also poignantly explained how the media is out to make these poker players, especially in the Roswell raid, seem like the “filth of the Earth,” with erroneous accusations about drugs being found.

Also of note, the two talked about Gordon’s wedding this weekend and Arieh candidly shared his views on a number of topics, including money management, living in a house full of women, golf hustling, the art of Pot Limit Omaha and how easy it is to win Gavin Smith’s money, something Joe Sebok knows a little about.

Check out the MP3 of the podcast here or head over to The Poker Edge. The podcast starts with the illustrious Andrew Feldman reporting the news, followed by a bit on the World Series of Golf, then Josh.

For more pics of Josh and Joanna Krupa at last year’s 2006 WSOP Main Event, go here. For interesting facts about ants, go here.


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