Just In Case You Actually Care…

Jtill2_2"Ms. Unabomber" Jennifer Tilly won Event #26 ($1,000 NLH).  Thing is, this isn’t some flukey, gimmicky, "Oh did I have top pair?" kind of spectacle.  She actually dominated play and beat out 601 other (all female, including Mrs. Carlos Mortensen in 4th) rounders for the title.

So yes, Jennifer Tilly now officially has more gold bracelets than all of Wicked Chops Poker combined.  Sure, we haven’t "officially" played in an event yet (that will change before this WSOP is over), but there you have it.  She will now forever be known as "Jennifer Tilly, owner of a WSOP gold bracelet…" instead of "Jennifer Tilly, star of Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky…"  Not a bad upgrade on her part. 


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