Jwwow’s Filthy Couture Release Party

Watch Jwoww’s Filthy Couture Clothing Release Party on RawVegas.tv

The total number of episodes of Jersey Shore the Entities have watched = 0. However, we’re all pop culture sponges, so we’re fully aware it was the biggest hit of the year, and the quotes we’ve read online from The Situation are freaking fantastic.

Also, it’d be hard to ignore the prevelance of Jersey Shore-types at the 2010 WSOP. They’re everywhere. Snookis on the Rail or The Situations of the Day.

On that note, Jwoww (real name) is apparently one of the more popular characters on the show, and as witnessed here and in the above vid, she ain’t bad looking. Who knew.

We’ll be a little slow today on 2010 WSOP Main Event updates, but check back later for some photo dumps and follow us on Twitter here.


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