Kara Scott Wears It Well

Kara Scott’s rep’n PokerStars.com, the “WORLD ARGEST OKER ITE.”

When we first saw super pretty Kara Scott playing on Day 3 of the 2008 WSOP Main Event in some baggy PokerStars shirt we have to say we were disappointed. Kara’s been rocking a little beater tee for the past two days, and the girl has some ridiculously toned arms*, so the buttoned-up, button-down with sleeves was a tad too taleban-ish for our tastes.

Our disappointment ended though when Kara stood up (click thumbnail below to see why).

Damn. And we thought Kara in a bunny suit was hot.

Kara-latedly, she’s just made it into the money at the 2008 WSOP Main Event, currently stacked with 230k in chips and guaranteed at least a $21,230 payday, which is like 20 British pounds based on the current exchange rate. Get ready to see more of Kara on WCP as the EPT Season 5 kicks off September 10 in Barcelona.

More photos of Kara below.

* Yep, we notice girl’s arms sometimes.


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