Kate Moss Obsession Leads to Poker Site Offer

:: snake

KatemossYou have your good days and you have the days where the whole world shockingly discovers that you’re a used-up, blow snortin’, rockstar-bangin’ rail we all obsessed over when you modeled for Obsession but now you lost millions in modeling contracts thanks to your obsession for the yeyo.

But wait. This wasn’t shocking. Supermodel waifs on the happy dust while sleeping with wannabe bad boy rockers are a dime a dozen, or in Kate Moss terms, about 400 g’s a kilo. I guess what was shocking is that so many fashion cos. ditched the gold dust diva so quickly, seeing that pretty much every 85-pound skinny you see in their ads is __________ (fill in the blank with your favorite slang for doing coke – i.e. flame cooking, ghost buffing, cocoa puffing, air corking).

What is also shocking (but not really from a PR perspective) is that online gambling/poker site Nine.com offered Kate Moss a position as a "super spokesperson" for about 5 million quid. Now, I don’t know much about Nine.com except that it’s a lot like Bodog without the Sultan of Brunei-size harem of babes (although they do have a few NINE girls, which is an appropriate title since they don’t quite rise to the status of 10s), but I sort of like their gamble here. As expected, Kate Moss has apparently rejected the offer about as quick as the Nine.com name grabbed headlines, and my guess is that this is all they were hoping for and it paid off (they’ve grabbed headlines in the past for similar offers to Matt Damon and the Runaway Bride).

Except I have to say that Nine.com did come across somewhat silly with this offer. Here’s what their spokesperson Jack Abrams had to say about Nine.com lending a helping hand to Moss:

"We at Nine.com believe in second chances. The fashion industry is extremely hypocritical; they perpetuate the ideal that all models must be stick thin in order to be successful, yet they act appalled when these pressured models go to extraordinary means to maintain this image. There’s a better way and we’ll help Ms. Moss find it."

Ok, is he saying that Moss was cocoa puffing solely as an "extraordinary means" to maintain her waif status? Shit, I thought she was doing it because she’s a used-up, blow snortin’, rockstar-bangin’ obsessed rail who likes to get high because it’s boring being a supermodel unless you’re getting high or starting some lingerie line that only K-Mart will sell, and if that were my two options, well I’d have to seek consultation from my good friends Sharon Stone and Naomi Campbell.

Also, it’s never good when you publicly toss an offer and the offeree’s spokesperson publicly tosses right back at you a response such as:

"This story is absolute rubbish. Kate will not be working with this company."

Ouch! Now that’s a blow.

Links to Kate Moss enjoying some California snow and a pic of my fave Nine.com girl after the jump . . .

Alright. If you haven’t seen the video of Kate Moss’s quote-unquote alleged illegal intake of cocaine yet, well, I’m not one to pass on that kind of thing but let’s just say The Superficial is passing on such links and you can find them here. I have to admit, it’s sad seeing such a pretty girl go to waste and relegated by the blow to the status of recording-studio, coke-addicted bimbo. Let’s hope she gets her act together.

And judge for yourself on the Nine.com girls. Below is Amber, the queen bee apparently of the crew. The Nine.com website has several pages dedicated to the girls as well as a video of the Nine girls in Las Vegas.

UPDATE: Ok. I just viewed the video and I have two observations: (1) Maybe they’re more 9 1/2 than 9s, and (2) Was that a midget filming the first part of the video?


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  1. .::the addict::.

    October 5, 2005 12:36 pm, Reply

    brilliant post and love the old obsession ad. reminds me of high school. re: Nine girls…. they def have nothing on the bodog girls – could you imagine watching a bodog video similar to this nine video… you wouldn’t be able to stand up from your desk for an hour.

  2. snake

    October 5, 2005 1:18 pm, Reply

    Why? Because the video was an hour long? Why would the video have to be an hour long?
    I don’t understand.

  3. Kate Moss

    October 8, 2005 12:59 pm, Reply

    Hey Snake, I’d never pay 400 g’s. I get my blow for free.
    See you the next time you’re across the pond.

  4. Flo

    April 7, 2006 4:57 pm, Reply

    Do you know if Kate Moss want to be with Billy “stone” Rockett or with Pete Doherty ?

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