Kathy Liebert Still In Contention at WPT World Poker Finals

One of these two people will be a World Poker Tour champion in a few short days.

When we decide to do something, damn it, we go down with the ship.

Before the start of the WPT World Poker Finals, we thought, “Let’s see, women are 0-146 in WPT open events, this is going to the be the one that breaks the trend.”

While only three women entering among the field of 189 wasn’t an encouraging sign for our proclamation, what is encouraging is Kathy Liebert, a woman, continues to hang tough. With 66 remaining, Liebert ended play with above-average chips, stacked at 92,000.

Leading the way is Dan Colpoys with 246,000. He’s followed by reigning WPT Player of the Year Andy Frankenburger with 239,600.

Other notables still alive include Allen “Chainsaw” Kessler (71,200), Jason Mercier (70,600), Bernard Lee (67,500), and the man the myth the legend, Black Phil Ivey, Big Sldick, the one and only Dwyte Pilgrim (58,500).

The incomparable Ardavan Yazdi has 42,500.

Get full chip counts and follow Kathy’s KonquestTM here.


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