Keeley Hazell Does as Predicted

Keeley_baywatchjpgLast year, back in November of 2006, which was just a few months ago, Wicked Chops Poker mentioned that Keeley Hazell was in talks to star in a “Baywatch movie.”

In the same post, we also threw it out there that the Brit beauty may just follow in the footsteps of Pamela Anderson in other ways, including, among other things, “getting banged on tape.”

And unless you live under a rock and that rock doesn’t have a good Internet connection, then you know the latter happened.

Now it seems the former (in case you forgot already, that’s Keeley starring in a Baywatch movie) is going to happen, which to cynical types and people with any common sense whatsoever, makes the release of her sex tape seem like a publicity ploy. Of course, we just think it’s an awful coincidence.

Reported today in the Sun, Keeley is all but certain to don the famous red swimsuit in the upcoming Baywatch movie after wowing film producers with her looks and, uh, acting skills.

Hazell, who is in L.A. right now, reportedly had this to say:

‚ÄúBefore I won the Sun‚Äôs Page 3 Idol competition in 2004 I was just a girl from Kent working in a hairdressing salon. Now I am here in Hollywood. It would be a great opportunity to try some acting and I‚Äôll see where it takes me.”

To the top Keeley. All the way to the top.


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