Keeley Hazell Gets Naked For PETA

So it was nice today when we rolled out of our goose down feather beds onto our bear skin rugs, slipped into our sheepskin slippers and took a seat in our plush leather chairs to see Keeley Hazell naked online for a PETA campaign

No animals were harmed in the writing of this post, except perhaps a one-eyed snake named "Harry the Penis" and he wasn't so much harmed as he was handled.

There’s a direct correlation between Keeley Hazell getting naked and her appearing on Wicked Chops Poker. Unfortunately, she hasn’t appeared on Wicked Chops Poker in awhile.

So it was nice today to see photos of our official Wicked Chops Poker girl naked for the latest PETA campaign. As meat-eating bearskin rug owners who like to chase cats in our cars, we’re not really buying PETA’s message, but damn it if we don’t love their tactics of using hot naked chicks to get their point across. First it was Joanna Krupa. Now Keeley Hazell. They should just change PETA so it stands for Perpetuating Exposure of Tits and Ass and we’ll be its biggest supporters.

For a top-dropped, frontal NSFW version of the Keeley Hazell ad, click here.


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