Keeley Hazell is the Breast Actress in the World

It’s been awhile since we had anything to say about Keeley Hazell, but we just got word that the film she appears in, Cashback, is now showing in select theaters in the U.S.

This is Keeley Hazell‘s first role in a film, other than her sex tape.

Cashback was originally released as a short film and was redone as a feature length after it was nominated for an Oscar in 2006. Written and directed by Sean Ellis, who you don’t know, the film focuses in on a young man suffering from insomnia after a painful break up. To cope, he decides to moonlight as a stock boy at a grocery store where he . . . anyway, Keeley is seen in her undies and not much else in the below trailer about 1:40 in.

After the jump, two screen grabs of Keeley Hazell from the film you won’t see in the clip below. WARNING: She’s topless in the photos so if you’re at the office and not your own boss you should probably click on this link instead.



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