Keeley Hazell RSS Widget . . . Greatest Invention Ever?


Desktop Keeley coming out to play on our computer screen.

Proving once again that all advances in technology are designed primarily to serve our prurient interests, The Sun (the UK newspaper that gives us Page 3 girls) has just introduced a new RSS widget called Desktop Keeley that has everyone’s favorite 32E top-dropper appearing on your computer screen periodically to deliver the news while walking around in various states of half-naked-ness.

You can set the frequency of how often Keeley Hazell appears to deliver the latest feed or you can screw the news and just click “Come Out to Play” whenever you want. Over and over. And over. And over.

Take a guess at what we’ve been doing.

Here’s how The Sun bills Desktop Keeley:

“Dressed in a stunning range of lingerie, Keeley will be at your beck and call 24/7 and comes armed with all the information you need, whether it’s celeb’s drunken antics, the latest football transfer news or the Page 3 girl of the day.

You decide how often she appears and can choose from a wide range of topics with just a few clicks of your mouse.”

Give it a spin . . . download Desktop Keeley for free here.

Watch a video of Keeley on our desktop telling us to “get back to work” below. Screen grabs after the jump here.

Keeley Hazell looking her hottest ever here,

Our favorite poker playing Page 3 girl here.

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