Keeley Hazell’s Dirty Mouth Brings You Today’s Poker News Link Dump

Long-standing favorite WCP girl Keeley Hazell is actually getting some burn in movies. The above clip is from a Guy Ritchie-looking copycat flick that you’ll never see called St George’s Day. Anyway, if you like hot chicks who say “fuck” a lot, you’ll at least like the above clip.

On with the poker news.

:: Shannon Elizabeth put her house on the market for almost $3M, or $1.5M more than she paid for it. And she’s 39 wtf. [link]

:: A good breakdown of what the whole “poker is a game of skill” Federal ruling means. [link]

:: Sara Jean Underwood knows how to eat a pulled pork sandwich (the uncut version!).* [link]

:: Mason Malmouth proves again that his management of 2+2 sucks, shutting down a poker player supported charity thread. [link]

:: In related news, a marathon poker podcast benefitting the aforementioned charity takes place this weekend. [link]

:: CardRunner’s founder Taylor Caby is starting to crush it with DraftDay. [link]

:: Phil Galfond blogs about isildur1. [link]

:: And finally, Isaac is still not the father. [link]

* When the Entities first saw the Carl’s JR ad featuring the loud eating of food (huge pet peeve) about 12 years ago, it’s possible they wrote multiple letters to Carl’s JR’s ad agency explaining that they had created the worst ad campaign ever and they’d never eat at their chain. To this day, no Carl’s JR has not been consumed by an Entity.


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