Kevin Smith Plays Poker Too

Model actress Kim Smith (above) shares the same last name as writer/director/producer Kevin Smith.

Since Clerks came out, Kevin Smith hadn't made a movie worth seeing for about 15 years (ok, fine, we'll listen to your Dogma arguments, but we won't listen to your Chasing Amy ones, a movie that fell apart in an epicly bad way in its final 30 minutes). Then Zack and Miri Make A Porno dropped last year, which while not spectacular, was solid and worthy of repeat viewings. So hey, Smith's back on the [Entity] radar. More Zack and Miri and less Jersey Girl, please.

Anyway, like Christian Vieri, Smith is also taking up poker, although not in a professional pursuit kind-of-way.

And like any true poker player, Smith is active on, where he recently tweeted:

I feel like playing some poker. Full Tilt, anybody? I play the six-handed sit&go's. Name's askewsme. Please don't identity-theft me.

ThatKevinSmith * Apr 11 * 19:09

Apparently his stats aren't that good, but whose are on Tilt? Russ Hamilton could super-user on Tilt and still probably get two-outered enough that he'd be like, "You know what, fuck this shit. I'm going to go play slots."


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  1. veeRob

    April 17, 2009 2:22 pm, Reply

    Kevin has been playing poker for years, actually. He’s run home games at his NJ & LA comic book stores, which my friend once attended and won. He told me that it had a terrible blind structure, and once Kevin busted out, he dealt and increased the blinds whenever he felt like it.

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