Kim Ung, Not a Woman, Wins Heartland Poker Tour Las Vegas Event

It would be pretty cool if Kim Ung reversed his name to be Ung Kim...less girly, more manly.

Quick follow-up from last week’s Season 6 Heartland Poker Tour kick-off party post

Kim Ung, not a woman, won the HTP Red Rock Las Vegas event, banking $125,901.

Ung, a 41-year-old Cambodian native, outlasted a field of 443 for the title. Some other notable finishes include and are are certainly limited to Walter Wright (2nd, $62,950), David Singer (4th, $29,377), and Dan Heimiller, a ginger (26th, $1,763).

Some notables who played and didn’t cash included Kathy Liebert (a woman), Dennis Phillips, his brother Lou Diamond Phillips, Tiffany Michelle (a woman), Bryan Micon, The Maven, Tom McEvoy, and The Maven (so good you gotta list him twice).

Get full results and recap here.

UPDATE: So Kim’s full first name is “Kimbo,” and “Kimbo Ung” is kinda a bad-ass name. You can ad “bo” to the end of any name and you’re either gonna sound like a badass or a redneck. Ok, in most cases a redneck. But if you’re a guy with a girl’s name, adding “bo” makes a huge difference.


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  1. veeRob

    January 21, 2010 1:36 pm, Reply

    All that space used on the Maven and no space used for your boy veeRob. Next time I’m talking about media entries in MY blog, I might accidentally forget WCP!

  2. Bob

    January 21, 2010 4:10 pm, Reply

    I think you are wrong. How does about Charlenebo, Lisabo, Sallybo, Juliettebo, Janebo, Laceybo, Michellebo, or Mollybo sound? I would have added more but the hot pockets are done.

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