Kimberly Lansing Is Down with Wonder Woman

In a follow-up to an earlier post and an early front-runner for greatest poker news of 2008 so far, WCP fave Kimberly Lansing has lost a heads-up match against Survivor China’s Jean-Robert Bellande (not to be confused with Dancing with the Stars’ Shannon Elizabeth). For the loss, Lansing may have to dress up like Wonder Woman (said Lansing: "I’m down with Wonder Woman") at an upcoming tournament…or Snow White…or something equally as awesome.

According to the Bodog Beat:

"The match was the result of some tough talk between the two about who was the better heads-up poker player. The bet was that the winner got to select an outfit for the other to wear. Bellande was apparently looking down the barrel of a Tinkerbell ensemble."


Nice work JRB on pulling this one out.

While the Wonder Woman outfit has not officially been decided as *the* outfit, it is up for consideration. You can vote for Kimberly’s outfit via YouTube comments here, and we’ll take suggestions in our comments section below too. Keep it clean. Keep it clean.

Kimberly Lansing vs. Jean-Robert Bellande video


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