Kitty Lea, Rekha Garton And Madi Trudgian Are The Friday Night Parting Shot Girls

Kitty Lea, Rekha Garton and Madi Trudgian Front Magazine

Hey look, one for each Entity.

Top-dropping British glam models are a dime a dozen these days so to get more bang for our buck we’re going with three top-dropping British glam models for this week’s Friday Night Parting Shot.

The threesome, Kitty Lea, Rekha Garton and Madi Trudgian (l. to r. above), recently did a photo spread for Front Magazine and below are the few shots that have them wearing some semblance of clothing. For the good stuff, you’ll have to go here (NSFW).

Related, video of Kitty Lea bouncing around in her skivvies.

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Kitty LeaThe best home videos are here


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