Know Noble Now

Oh yes, we know that their banners are ridiculously obnoxious.

But we found one that hopefully won’t induce an epileptic seizure, so keep reading…

The banner is ugly but the winnings are not!

For the many of you who signed up on Noble Poker through our site: 1) thanks, and 2) now it‚Äôs time to take advantage of that deposit. 

Yesterday, Noble launched their $1,000,000 Sit ‘N’ Go Challenge.  The first player to win 7 consecutive $10 Sit & Go (SNG) tournaments will earn, as they put it, a ‚Äúcool million!‚Äù

Other prizes include:
– Win 6 tournaments in a row and you get $75K
– Win 5 consecutive tournaments earn $25K
РFinish in one of the top 2 positions for 5 consecutive times and you’ll grab $250

If you haven‚Äôt signed up with Noble yet, this is worth a shot.  If you have signed up, then have at it.


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