Kristy Arnett Wants You Out of The Friend Zone

Poker News reporter/smoking Asian hottie Kristy Arnett has launched a YouTube channel called Snaptress.

She’s come out the gate strong, with a vid that earns “hey wait this is actually pretty good” status detailing how guys and girls can get out of the dreaded Friend Zone.

Now, most of our girl “friends” we ended up sleeping with anyway, so we actually loved the friend zone. It was awesome. Couldn’t have enough friends. Friend the hell out girls.

But for others–yeah not so much. Not a good place to be, unless you hate yourself and love misery in general. So, to borrow a phrase used frequently by¬†F-Train, “big ups” to Kristy for helping address this national epidemic.


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  1. Dex

    February 16, 2012 4:01 am, Reply

    It is funny how people take PUA (Pick Up Artistry) and give it a bad name by misunderstanding and over using some of the techniques involved. I think this lovely lady rightly exposes some of the most badly used ideas. Sort of like poker… In a way… Although an Idea might be good, its how you implement into your own game that makes the difference between getting laid (Winning a pot) or getting slapped (getting felted). Hmmm.

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