Labor Day Poker Blog Round-Up

Hopefully you too are just lounging around and taking it easy like Gemma Atkinson this Labor Day. More of Gemma taking it easy here.

We’re taking it easy this Labor Day, but fortunately other people are still writing about poker. Here’s some good poker blog reads we found while surfing the Information SuperhighwayTM this weekend.

:: The always solid LasVegasVegas has a list of the top five poker blogs out there. Can’t argue with it. [link]

:: Speaking of the best poker blogs, the forum has a debate going where someone apparently isn’t a fan of WCP…or breasts. Says said poster, "…as for Wicked Chops that is more about tits than poker, your choice." [link]

:: Great post by on Aimlessly Chasing Amy on the so-called poker "media" and how their coverage of poker is changing, at least a little. [link]

:: Although 1/3 of the Entities took 7 years of French, we still don’t understand a damn word in this French poker forum, although we can only assume it’s mostly about frogs, capitulation, and the 10 hottest women who don’t shave their armpits. However, one hilarious poster chimes in simply saying, "France sucks." [link]

:: Kid Dyamite has lost his shirt but not his sense of humor. [link]

:: And this should be way hotter than it is. [link]


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