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  1. Maria Eduarda Mayrinck

    May 26, 2007 11:18 am, Reply

    LooooL, you guys are awesome!!! Am laughing too much here from the Brad Pitt post. <3 Wicked Chops!
    How are you you guys? I have some big news to share with you! Check out my new blog and who I am now working for: http://www.psblog.net/br/
    Yes, Poker Stars has invaded Brazil (finally!), and I guess I am part of the invasion! w0000t!!! hehehe… But seriously, this is all very exciting for us here. Aside from blogging, I am now doing a bunch of stuff for them, and watch out for Brazil in the WSOP. This year there will be 30 of us there (Whcih means we can easily help someone out with moving the furniture).
    So I guess this makes me officially an all around BADASS – looool! Joke, obv… See you soon in Vegas. Pls drop me a line. Or maybe I should stop being so lazy and drop you guys a line! (Mmm, I don’t see it happening!) 😉
    Luv, Maria

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