Lacey Jones and Christina Lindley Bluff Magazine Spread Is Here


Oh look, the new Bluff has a 2008 WCOOP wrap-up. Sweet!

Critical-thinking poker intelligentsia like us know that the true measure of a woman poker player is not the superficial shit like how much money she’s won or bracelets she’s snagged. No, the real measure of a woman’s success in poker is how much clothes she has taken off for our viewing pleasure and how good she looks doing so.

It’s something women poker players like Jennifer “Jennicide” Leigh (Playboy, FHMonline), Liv Boeree (Loaded), Shannon Elizabeth (Playboy, American Pie, Stuff, Maxim, etc.), Jennifer Tilly (Bound), Erica Schoenberg (Carmen Electra’s Strip Poker DVD), Chantel McNulty (the Internet), Kathy Liebert (Wicked Chops personal collection) and Clonie Gowen (Maxim) have understood.

And perhaps no two girls have appreciated this better than the hottest woman in poker Lacey Jones and her hot poker friend/occasional shower partner Christina Lindley. Sure the two know a thing or two about playing cards. We respect that. But more impressive is their deftness at showing us how unbelievably hot they are in as little clothing as possible (see Lacey’s nothing but body paint photo and Christina’s lingerie video for examples).

Anyway, all of the above is a long way to get to the point that the much-anticipated Lacey Jones and Christina Lindley Bluff issue is out now on magazine stands and you should go get it. Now. You should also close your door and click on the image above for a bigger, hi res shot of the cover.

Kudos to Bluff for the cover and spread. There’s a reason why WCP writes for the magazine.

See our ridiculously hot lingerie video of Lacey and Christina here.


4 Responses

  1. Markus

    October 29, 2008 11:38 am, Reply

    Thanks for posting and kudos to Bluff Magazine for consistently being the top poker magazine in this industry. Hats off to staying on top of the latest trends.

  2. Kajagugu

    October 29, 2008 12:17 pm, Reply

    Great. Last night my wife said the magazine looks like gay porn since the title is easy to confuse with BUFF and there’s always some dude on the cover. I told her if it was a gay porn magazine it would not have Doyle Brunson on the cover. Unless it was some crazy-ass sick gay porn. Ick!
    I wonder what she’s going to say about the next cover. Just great!

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