Lacey Jones Featured In The Grouch and Eligh’s Video For “All In”


Screen grab from The Grouch and Eligh's new single "All In" starring Lacey Jones.

If underground hip hop act The Grouch and Eligh's new single "All In" was actually about poker it would rank right up there as one of the best poker songs ever. But besides it's title, the song really has nothing to do with poker. Instead it's all about, well, who knows. Hard to understand what they're saying.

Regardless, none of that stopped them from getting Lacey Jones, the hottest girl in poker, to star in their video wearing nothing but lingerie while playing poker. And if you know Lacey like we do, and you don't, that's her favorite way to play poker. So good move there The Grouch and Eligh. Not a good move though: not showing Lacey for the full 4:53. Way too much random rapper guy staring at the camera rapping the whole time and not nearly enough Lacey Jones standing there looking hot.

Check out the full video here. For a video of Lacey in lingerie sans dudes rapping, go here.

More of Lacey Jones here.


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  1. Lacey J

    April 9, 2009 11:57 am, Reply

    Thanks for the Bday love guys!I love Wicked Chops! Packlack don’t be such a hater. That was the #1 video on Paste Magazine’s site so it must not have sucked that bad. 😛 Btw Youtube video comes out friday. :)

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