Lacey Jones Is Hottest Girl in Poker

Well, we’ve been sitting on this one for about three months now, but in what could best be described as a "landslide," Lacey Jones is the winner of the Wicked Chops Hottest Girl in Poker poll.

Lacey, who currently resides in Las Vegas and splits time playing poker, modeling, and acting, was an early FOWCP and a fave of ours ever since. She lapped (many, many times) the number two vote getter, Brandi Hawbaker. Others receiving notable votes include our favorite cougar Michele Lewis, Liz Lieu, Erica Schoenberg, Evy Ng, and Dancing with the Stars’ Shannon Elizabeth.

Most who know Lacey would agree she’s the coolest hot girl you’ll ever meet. In between some bikini-clad glamor shots, hear what Lacey has to say about being voted the hottest girl in poker, who she thinks is hot, and more…

Lacey Jones hottest girl in poker video

Read our Heads-Up interview with Lacey Jones


5 Responses

  1. Bull

    April 1, 2008 8:08 pm, Reply

    I’m just wondering which of the WCP boys got to apply the body make-up during the photo shoot…lucky bastards…(j/k…kind of…)
    Perhaps the WCP boys can convince Lacey to come to the ATL and play in the WCP home game…if they ever have one again…
    Great interview and congratulations to Lacey for winning the $100,000 first prize…or was it an autographed t-shirt…I can’t remember.

  2. DaWonderDog

    June 28, 2010 8:16 pm, Reply

    Unrelated to all this pulchritude…..When will there be a “Poker and Gaming (24/7) Channel” ? Maybe spliced to G4TV ? You know what they say: “Find a need and fill it”

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