Lacey Jones Kicked Our Asses

Laceyjones1If you happened to read Lacey Jones’ blog today, then you know that she met up with Snake, the Addict and Chops, along with a few of the crew (Newby and Michael Friedman), at the Venetian for the 8pm tournament last Friday, and in an achievement that rivals that of Amelia Earhart’s flight across the Atlantic, Madame Curie’s discovery of polonium and Keeley Hazell’s becoming a national institution solely because of her gargantuan boobs, the Absolute Poker hottie, a woman, outlasted all five of us (as well as some guy who earned the name “Lady Hater”) to finish 7th in the tournament. Sure our minds were on the forthcoming multi-session orgy with the pageant girls, et al, but still impressive work Ms. Jones. Impressive stuff.

Read/see more about Lacey in our Heads-Up interview with her.


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