LAPC: Luu Leads, Goehring Still Going, But Can Woods Win It All?

With 27 remaining at the LA Poker Classic, a relative unknown (and be "relative" we mean "complete") named John Luu leads the pack, stacked at 1,111,000. 

Luu has been playing well of late, with a 14th place in an earlier LAPC event this year ($1,000 NLH).  But this is his first big dance on the major tournament stage.

Still fourth overall is Alan Goehring, sitting with 916,000.  A few top pros have risen up the stack rank, including 2005 WSOP bracelet winner (and four-time total)David Chiu (7th overall with 749,000), J.C. Tran (15th overall with 441,000), Chris Bigler (18th overall with 413,000), Woodswsop
and Bill Gazes (20th overall with 258,000).

The big surprise (to some, and by "some," we mean "us") is that Hollywood actor turned potential full-time pro (more on this later) James Woods is 16th overall with 438,000.  Woods was a major factor as to why Day 2 chip leader Fabrice "The Frog" Soulier flamed out in Van de Valdeian fashion.  Near the bubble, Woods re-raised a Soulier raise with pocket Queens. Soulier pushed all in, and Woods called.  Soulier flipped over an unsuited Q-J.  Woods’ Queens held, and Soulier found himself knocked out shortly thereafter on the bubble.

For full chip counts, check out Poker Wire.  And for live blogging, go to Tao of Poker.


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