Late Night Munchies Cost Jason “Tiny” Potter $30K in Australia

American jason potter robbed in australiaU.S. American poker player Jason Potter, who we’re going to nickname “Tiny” because we like it when big guys have the nickname “Tiny” kind of like bald guys with the nickname “Curly” or nice, non-thiefy wholesome virgins with the nickname “Brandi Hawbaker,” paid a hefty price for his late night stroll to a burger joint on the mean streets of Melbourne, Australia.

The 22-year-old from Oklahoma, who finished 31st at the Aussie Millions Poker Championship (good for a portly sum of $30,000), had just cashed in his winnings when he got the urge for a big fat juicy burger or three at McDonald’s and got mugged on his way back.

As The Australian reports, “Potter was walking back to his hotel room at Crown Plaza after feasting at McDonald’s about 4:30am” when a knife-wielding robber hit him over the head and made off with his cash.

“I had already been home to my hotel room but decided to go out and get something to eat because I was hungry,” he said. “I heard someone running resolutely behind me. As I turned around I just got knocked on the back of the head. I fell down and this guy reached immediately into my hooded pocket.”

Potter said he thought about fighting back but then realized that getting stabbed would suck.

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