Laurent Tapie Rumored Full Tilt Poker Investor

Is Laurent Tapie one of Full Tilt's saviors?

Just as we were working on a “who could this potential Full Tilt Poker investor be” post–news hits from the French MediaPart online site that Laurent Tapie–son of Bernard Tapie, who used to own the Olympique de Marseille soccer club which won the French League┬áin 1993 but was stripped of its title for match fixing–is part of an investment group in negotiations to buy Full Tilt Poker.

By our estimations, there are few candidates with the capital required to make a Tilt purchase. Based on what Tilt owes players (approximately $330M) and an estimated DoJ pay-off (using the Dikshit/Party example as precedence, say $350M), plus extra financing for operations, you’re looking at around a $750M nut needed to save the company. But hey, if they’re willing to do it, we take back almost everything bad (i.e. everything) we’ve ever said about the French.

Read more (though not much more) about it here.


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